Auto-Compounding UNITY
Stake your UNITY on our native vault which automatically compounds your rewards.
Auto UNITY bounty This bounty is given as a reward for providing a service to other users. Whenever you successfully claim the bounty, you are also helping out by activating the Auto UNITY Pool’s compounding function for everyone.
Auto-Compound Bounty: 0.5% of all Auto UNITY pool users pending harvest.
AutoUnity Policy:
  • 0.1% un-staking fee if withdrawn before 72 hours have passed.
  • If adding new $UNITY to the pool, 72 hour timer will be reset.
  • If un-staking $UNITY after the 72 hour has passed, no fee will be deducted.
  • Any accumulated un-staking fee goes to the dev wallet which will be burned
AutoUnity Performance fee - There is a 4% performance fee in the AutoUnity native vault
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